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We are a web hosting service provider for esoteric communities located near the shores of the Salish Sea. We provide free or low-cost web hosting services because we care about thriving esoteric communities. (What is web hosting?)

While other free web hosting service providers display third-party advertisements or deviate from web hosting standards, we do not. We offer standard web hosting (including regular FTP access), with no advertisements.

What is a Circle?

Authoritarian, one-right-way hierarchies tend to control members and inhibit direct spiritual experience, asserting that an intermediary party (such as a priest) is necessary. This is, quite simply, an abuse. Circles are egalitarian, not hierarchical. Real spiritual experience is direct, not second hand.

What are Esoteric Communities?

By “esoteric communities”, we mean groups of people interested in or involved with esoteric or mystic or polytheistic or Nature-based spiritual paths. The Natural world abundantly and beautifully shows us multiplicity, decentralization, and equality, as symbolized beautifully by a community circle. We honor Nature's example by embracing these things, and the validity of all life-affirming, socially-responsible esoteric spiritual paths. We choose freedom, authentic direct spiritual experience, and spiritual community.

Esoteric communities may include adherents or practitioners of Asatru, Buddhism, Celtic Reconstructionism, Confucianism, The Craft, eclectic paths, heathenism, Hinduism, Jainism, Kemetism, magick, metaphysics, native American spirituality, Nature devotion, paganism, polytheism, Rodnovery, shamanism, Shintoism, Strega, Taoism, Wicca, and more.

If you identify with the above, we invite you to apply for a free or low-cost web hosting account. May our communities thrive. Blessings to you.