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We offer free or low-cost standards-compliant web hosting accounts to qualifying applicants. (Qualifications described on our home page.)

What would your web address look like? If your community's name is “White Wolf Coven”, for example, your web address might be something like “”. Specify your desired website name (web address) when you send your application.

We do not build free websites nor offer preinstalled web-management software solutions. If your application is approved, you will be assigned a web address and FTP login. You are responsible for building and maintaining your own website.

You may upload web content or install your favorite web-management software via FTP. Web hosting does not include any maintenance services except daily back-ups. Our subscribers are encouraged to also make their own back-ups via FTP after editing or perhaps once a month.

At this time, web hosting accounts as described above with FTP access are offered free of charge to qualifying applicants. MySQL databases are available for $24 per year. If there are other questions related to web hosting technology, please contact us.