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The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is regarded throughout East Asia as sacred scripture. However, where other sacred scripture carries words of love and wisdom for all ages in a general way, the I Ching carries such words in a more specific way. It's words are living and dynamic, intended to address the present moment and the present situation. So there is less room for error as we attempt to interpret the intended meaning.

The Bagua
The I Ching is the premier ancient book of divination. “Divination” means to discover answers to questions by means of divine guidance. Casting coins tells us which part of the book to take as an answer to your question.

The purpose of my facilitation services is to guide you to ask well, because that is the key to receiving a substantial response. If you do not ask well, the coin results will be random and meaningless. However, if you do ask well, the coin results will point to an auspicious (non-random) portion of the book, which will give loving and wise guidance pertaining to your question. I also have a gift for interpreting the response, although your interpretation should prevail.

The power behind the I Ching is called “The Sage”. The Sage wants for you your highest good, and responds to sincerety and diligence. Who is the Sage? You must decide that for yourself. Call him by whatever name your spiritual path suggests. You don't have to believe, but you have to be sincere and open to possibility in order to get a meaningful answer.

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