Your Frame of Mind

Slow Down, Open Up, Let Go

Free I Ching Readings
With Andrew

Your frame of mind is the single most important factor in getting a meaningful answer via the I Ching.

The Sage is interested in your heart, no matter what kind of question you may ask. You cannot dodge your heart, yet connect with the Sage. If you are a strictly logical person, that is, if you have suppressed the power of your heart, you may not be able to get a meaningful answer from the I Ching without first opening your heart. Andrew understands that is potentially a long journey, and expects nothing from you, but offers this advice so you can make an informed choice.

Don't try to form a question craftily, meaning to engineer a response. You cannot move with the current of the ever-changing river of life without letting go of control. You will be blinded to unexpected possibilities and stuck in old patterns of thought as long as you remain occupied with busy thoughts. After you have an overview of your situation, then you may wish to select strategies that align with the flow. But when seeking, you must let go of strategy, control, and busy thoughts.

It is more important to let the reading play upon your mind and heart over time than to get a quick answer. You will not get a meaningful answer if you do not let go and slow down, because the Sage will turn a deaf ear. But if you show patience, sincerety, and diligence, the Sage will offer you infinite support and wisdom.

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