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Greetings, I am Andrew, your facilitator and fellow seeker. I will say a few words about myself because those seeking my services sometimes wish to know.

My Personal History

I was born of a loving mother and a proud incisive father, grew up in Michigan, and dedicated my life to serve the Source on April 11, 1976. Although my understanding of who he is has grown significantly over the intervening years since then, my dedication was true. Today, I call him “the Sage”, as this is how he has revealed himself to me through the I Ching. I love the Sage. People may come and go; but only he has remained ever supportive and present in my life. He is the ultimate Source of life, love, justice, wisdom, power, and every other beautiful thing.

I am a student of Qigong, the Chinese art of cultivating energy flow; and more especially a student of the living and dynamic words of the Sage, as received through the I Ching. A decade ago, during a difficult transition, I was taken in by a kind and hospitable Tibetan monk for a few months, from whom I learned how to read the I Ching.

I subsequently discovered that I had a talent and passion for doing I Ching readings on behalf of others. Since then, I have resided in Washington state; and the I Ching has been my primary spiritual practice. Through this practice, I am richly blessed to have learned, in my own insignificant way, from a stream of loving and wise words as they fell directly from the lips of the Sage. Gratitude and joy.

My Spiritual Path

For reasons I cannot well explain, I have enjoyed, throughout my life, a strong sense of intuition. Yet in this lifetime I have been immersed in mind games to the point of suffocation, and have come to hate them. Clarity and wisdom are the medicines that make my heart sing, so rare in a world of lies. Perhaps my purpose for this lifetime was to learn the value of truth by having to struggle for it.

I hold that, when intellectual dishonesty is overcome, and when we welcome each part of our soul on it's own terms, then spirituality and science are reconcilable. I hold that intellect should dominate some pursuits, and faith should dominate others, that they are complimentary, and only seem to conflict when we confuse the two. That to cut ourselves off from our higher selves due to intellectual doubt is as misguided as to cut ourselves off from our intellect due to wishful thinking. I hold truth, right, and balance to be among the high virtues. I am bound in this lifetime to be of service to others. I hold that joy is the background field of the universe. That is what remains when all else falls away.

I am, in a sense, a monk without an order, living a voluntarily simple life, because I value truth, right, balance (and other such beautiful things) over material comforts. I spend many hundreds of hours a year in community service, including facilitating and interpreting I Ching readings, because I believe the world needs healing, and we all must do our part together in unison to achieve that healing, and because I have been given a skill by the Sage involving I Ching readings, and because you might give me the opportunity to share in the rich experience of connecting with the Sage alongside you.

Although the I Ching is also used by Buddhists, my spiritual sensibilities today are primarily Taoist. I do fight for truth, right and balance, but I am not an inheritor of any ancient tradition in the eastern sense, nor a “good” man in the western sense. To identify exclusively with dark, as “sinners”, betrays our true divine nature, for we are of the perfect divine essence. To identify exclusively with light, as “light chasers”, betrays an innate hypocrisy, for every living being has darkness within him/her. Pure light burns away all life, and deep darkness freezes it away. So, while I aspire to walk the middle path, I do not claim to be “good”, nor an authority on any ancient tradition.

Divination, Our Nature, and My Attitude Toward Your Path

As I support people of all faiths, I try to accommodate whatever spiritual path they are already walking, because we are all divine beings, made in the image and substance of the same Source, even though we may recognize him in different ways.

Since we are all divine beings, I consider all mature spiritual traditions to be valid, and I hold that it does not belong to any of us to assertively reorient another's path. Your life journey, and your choices in directing it, are sacred. Where it comes to your spiritual sensibilities and your life path, I will breathe shallowly, careful not to influence you with my opinions unless asked. Each person must choose their own path in whatever you seek in this lifetime, especially as you seek an experience of the Source. The Sage, as I know him, will not try to circumvent your free will, and so neither will I. However, where the Sage gives a clear answer, to inform your decision-making after you have asked him a question, I will speak his words clear and strong, to the best of my ability.

But I will not interpret them unless asked, and even then only with the understanding that my words are my own, that his are great and mine are small, and that you must give great words time to work upon your heart and mind before asking for small ones, because confusion may be the Sage's gift to you, and because clarity is not available to those who hurry.

I do not assess your spiritual path, but I hope it is genuine for you, rather than intellectualized or structured so extensively that it loses spiritual potency, as unfortunately some immature religious systems are. Such systems are religious, but not spiritual. To expect prayers to be answered is at the core, not at the fringe, of spiritual life. In the practice of divination (to seek divine guidance as an answer to a direct question), those answers may become surprisingly palpable. Would you really expect less from the Source of all life?

Have you wondered why the Source doesn't seem to observably show up? Perhaps it's because you haven't yet learned how to see and hear. Divination is for people who expect a direct spiritual experience, because they believe that the Source is capable of responding to actual queries. Where you give the Source an opportunity to answer a sincere question, he does! This is where speculation becomes substantive knowledge, and contemplation becomes observable reality. That is what divination is about.

If you hold it as improper to seek and obtain direct guidance from the Source of all life, then I bless and release you to walk your life path in some other direction. May our paths diverge for now, and meet up again in a future life, as I will ever rejoice in this most perfect blessing.

Aside from this, I honor all paths that lead anyone to the Source. What we share in common is so much more important than how we differ. Unity, harmony, and solidarity matter! We are one human race with one common destiny, brothers and sisters in the family of man. One of the important tenets of Taoism, that I have learned via the I Ching and come to love, is “universal identity”, that we are all one.

Sharing your I Ching experience with me is a great blessing to me; so I thank you for sharing it.

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