How It Works

How We'll Consult the Sage

Free I Ching Readings
With Andrew

Have paper, pen, and coins on hand. It doesn't matter what kind of coins, as long as they are three of the same kind. I will guide you in refining your question, visualizing the process, centering yourself, and casting the coins. Your personalized written response from the I Ching will be sent to you via email afterward.

a conceptualization of the Sage
This personalized “letter” from the Sage is a blessing, so give it due consideration. Let it play upon your mind and heart, even if you don't understand at first. It is uniquely in the experience of strangeness and uncertainty that you can access your best insights, so do not skip it if you are seeking reliable answers. Re-read your letter from the Sage several times and sit with it for at least a day.

Only after you have shown respect by sitting with your reading for a day, if you then desire interpretation support, please contact me via email.

Asking About the Future

People often ask questions about the future, but this is curious, because the future is not yet written. The future is determined by the choices we make in the present, both individually and collectively. So make a good future for yourself, and for all of us, by choosing well in the now. When we ask the Sage questions about the future, let us do it with an intent to discover what we need to know in order to choose well; not with the fallacious notion that the future is already fixed, like a mountain, merely to be navigated around. The future is what we make of it!

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